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Program Description

Code Nation offers up to three years of coding courses and work-based learning programs for high school students. Our programs promote career readiness by equipping students with the technical and professional skills, experiences, connections and confidence that pave the way to successful tech careers. We partner with schools to offer our Intro to Web Development course as an in-school elective class or after-school club. Students who complete the first-year Intro to Web Development course can join our Fellowship courses for up to two years after school at partner companies’ offices. As students progress through programs, they gain increased exposure to tech careers, including work-based learning experiences. All classes are taught by a team of volunteers who work in the industry, and our curriculum is updated every year in collaboration with volunteers to ensure our students gain relevant real-world knowledge and skills.

Become a School Partner

Code Nation is excited to partner with high schools that serve a student population where at least 75% of students qualify for free or reduced price lunch. If you are a school leader interested in bringing Code Nation programs to your school in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, or Oakland, please tell us about your school using the form below.

Course Descriptions

This project-based course in web development introduces students to the field of Computer Science and equips them with a foundational technical skill set. Topics covered in the course include HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript. Students apply their skills in creative coding projects at the end of each unit. In addition to coursework, students participate in field trips that spark an interest in tech careers.

The Fellowship courses emphasize both technical and professional skills. Students take a deeper dive into web development and learn advanced JavaScript concepts, as well as Git and APIs. Students develop a portfolio of work while building problem-solving, project management and presentation skills. Students participate in professional development workshops focused on resume writing, interview prep, and networking. 

In the optional second year of the Code Nation Fellowship, students focus on the continued development of their portfolios and developing greater independence in problem-solving. Students will work with more advanced APIs, including Firebase and be introduced to front-end frameworks and learn the fundamentals of ReactJS. 

Fellowship programs are held after-school once a week at partner companies’ offices, bringing together students from different schools in a work environment that connects them to the tech community.

Students who complete two or more years of courses become part of our alumni community, and receive information, guidance and continued support through college and early career. Currently, Code Nation alumni have access to paid internship opportunities, invite-only networking events, and information on scholarships, events and job openings.

Our Partner Schools

Academy of Innovative Technology

Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy

Brooklyn Institute of Liberal Arts

Brooklyn Preparatory High School

Cristo Rey High School

Eagle Academy for Young Men, Harlem

East Harlem Tutorial Program

The Double Discovery Center

George Westinghouse High School

High School for Hospitality Management

High School of Fashion Industries

Hudson High School

International High School at Prospect Heights

Landmark High School

Lower Manhattan Arts Academy

Lyons Community School

Murry Bergtraum High School

Orchard Collegiate Academy

Pathways in Technology High School

Promise Academy 1

Queens Vocational & Technical High School

Richard Green High School

Science Skills Center High School

Urban Assembly School of Design & Construction

Wadleigh Secondary School

Williamsburg Charter High School

Williamsburg High School for Art & Technology

Young Women's Leadership School

Aspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy

Coliseum College Prep Academy

Envision Academy for Arts & Technology

Oakland Charter High School

Oakland Technical High School

Street Academy

Balboa High School

Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School

Galileo High School

Immaculate Conception Academy

Independence High School

John O'Connell High School

KIPP San Francsisco College Prepartory

Thurgood Marshall Academic High School

San Francisco International High School

Chicago Tech Academy

DRW College Prep

Dyett High School for the Arts

Golder College Prep

Intrinsic Schools - Downtown

Johnson College Prep

Noble Street College Prep

Rauner College Prep

UIC College Prep