2018 Bay Area Hackathon Recap: Dare, Disrupt, Explore (even more)!

On Sunday, March 25, the Dare, Explore, Disrupt Hackathon brought an epic all-day coding experience to youth in the Bay Area.

The ScriptEd community in San Francisco and Oakland has grown rapidly since programs launched in the Bay Area last year. Over 100 ScriptEd students and volunteers showed up for our 2nd annual Bay Area Hackathon, which took place at the Google Community Space in San Francisco.

During the day-long coding competition, students created projects inspired by the theme “Dare, Explore, Disrupt.” Just like their peers at the Hackathon in New York City a week earlier, Bay Area students chose to create projects on a wide variety of topics, from art to science to social change. Projects were judged based on functionality, creativity, and teamwork. Students competed in two groups based on skill level, and worked in teams with the support of a volunteer.

Special thanks to our sponsors at HSBC, Atlassian and IBM, and to the volunteers and judges whose generosity makes this epic event possible.

Check out the photo gallery below, and read on for a list of the winning projects from each group.


1st Place: Team TBD

Description: A fun and interactive website to test your HTML coding skills.
Team Members: Costin, Kadie, Jason, Alisha (volunteer), Farraz (volunteer)

2nd Place: Toaster Maze

Description: A maze game featuring 14 unique rooms with interactive elements.
Team Members: Alizah, Wei, Jordan, Xavi (volunteer), Sean (volunteer)

Honorable Mention: Game of Dares

Description: A website where users earn points for completing dares that can help change the world.
Team Members: Evelin, Destiny, DeAngelo, Alex (volunteer), Ariel (volunteer)


1st Place: Heartsy Artsy
Description: A web app for users to create and share their own artworks.
Team Members: Tony, Alex, Kenny, Michelle, Nataly, Matt (volunteer), Nick (volunteer), Kat (volunteer)

2nd Place: Paper Turtle Explorers

Description: A game where the player takes on the role of an explorer and spreads ideas through a maze.
Team Members: Matthew, Anthony, Lewei, Martín (volunteer), Jacinda (volunteer)

Honorable Mention: Hole of Problems

Description: A website to visualize, share and discuss complex problems in the world.
Team Members: Andres, Jinglan, Kailin, Robert (volunteer), Matt (volunteer)

Honorable Mention: The Daily Drumpf

Description: A website to raise awareness on the impact of gun violence, dedicated to the memory of a fellow student.
Team Members: Ali, Jose, Nayelli Patrick (volunteer), Joyce (volunteer)

Judges: Alissa Briggs, Director of Design, PlanGrid; Adina Luo, Co-Founder, Dear Tech People; Dhruv Maheshwari, Co-Founder, Dear Tech People; Logan Bailey, Senior Software Development Engineer, Oath; Shashi Jain, Co-Founder, Techqueria

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