2018 NYC Hackathon Recap: Dare, Disrupt, Explore!

Over 200 students came out for this year’s ScriptEd Hackathon in NYC – on Saturday, March 17 at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

Students had just six hours to brainstorm and build an interactive website on a topic of their choice, inspired by the theme “Dare, Explore, Disrupt.” While some students were inspired by the Intrepid to create projects around sea, air and space exploration, others chose to focus on issues they care about, like gun violence and the environment. Projects were judged based on functionality, creativity, and teamwork. Students competed in two groups based on skill level, and worked in teams with the support of a volunteer.

Shout out to over a hundred volunteers who donated their time to create an unforgettable experience for our students. And very special thanks to our sponsors at HSBC, Atlassian and IBM for making this epic event possible.

Check out the photo gallery below, and read on for a list of the winning projects from each group.

And stay tuned for more great projects from our Bay Area Hackathon on Sunday, March 25!


1st Place: Enough is Enough

Description: A website to inspire empathy and action on the issue of gun violence in schools.
Team Members: Julio, Kiara, Monserrat, Bradley, Yanella, Brittany, Hesham (volunteer)

2nd Place: Space Maze

Description: A game where you collect resources to build a spaceship, inspired by Stephen Hawking and the movie Interstellar.
Team Members: Juan, Louis, Kevin, Jia, Abdul, Thomas, Susan (volunteer)

3rd Place: Explore Simulator

Description: A simulator that displays weather API data on traveling conditions in air, sea and space.
Team Members:  Linhong, Kyshon, Imani, Raishan, Caelan, Taifinkaba, Benjamin (volunteer)

Honorable Mention: Stranded

Description: A calculator that tells you if you can make it to a destination based on your vehicle and the amount of fuel.
Team Members: Jordan, Johnson, Travis, Oscar, Usman, Alex, Mike (volunteer)

Advanced Judges: Erica A Webber, Global Director, Industry & Services at IBM Research; Barry Clark, Head of Engineering, Trello; Wyatt Shapiro, Co-Founder, Dear Tech People; Keeley Duffey, Co-Founder, Pluto; Joey Mejias, Senior Product Manager, Analogous; Pedro Baumann, Co-Founder, Vía Código and CTO, Athelas Perú; Britt Lewis, Engineering Manager, Plated; Giulia Lake, Freelance Developer; Jacob Aronoff, Software Engineer, Datadog.


1st Place: Intrepid Ocean Protector

Description: A game that repurposes the Intrepid to collect trash from the ocean.
Team Members: Betsabe, Sally, Bethany, Elvis, Ashley, Andrea, Joe (volunteer), Nate (volunteer)

2nd Place: Protest Finder

Description: A website that helps you find protests in your area, and rewards you for participating in them.
Team Members: Savannah, Nylah, Rasheeda, Cartomu, Brianna, Julissa, Rafi (volunteer), Jenna (volunteer), Nick (volunteer)

3rd Place: Intrepid Spaceship

Description: A maze game where the goal is to get a rocket though an asteroid field.
Team Members: Darius, Mukhtar, Bryan, Isaiah, John, Simon (volunteer), Maria (volunteer)

Honorable Mention: Enough

Description: A website to raise awareness on the impact of gun violence, dedicated to the memory of a fellow student.
Team Members: Damon, Stephanie-Marie, Bryan, Ashley, Vaughn, Eli (volunteer), Gabriele (volunteer)

Foundations Judges: Michael Smith, CTO, PINCHme; Martha Garvey, Editorial Director, At-Large; Nadja Oertelt, Co-Founder, Massive Science; Kristoffer Josefsson, Founder and CTO, FOAM; Marie Douglas, Director, IBM; Bibi Khadiza, Software Engineer, Accenture; Dan Gorelick, Software Engineer, Two Bulls; Ramraj Velmurugan, Data Scientist, Komodo Health; Jazbel Wang, Software Engineer, Catalyst Software; Shy Ruparel, Developer Evangelist, Contentful; Elizabeth Ferrao, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Civic Hall; Corey Farwell, Software Engineer, Kickstarter.

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