The two companies team up to strengthen CS program to provide students from under-resourced high schools in Chicago and New York City.

(Friday, December 8 — New York, NY) – Code Nation is excited to announce a new partnership with Kira Learning, a company with an AI-powered platform that allows anyone to teach and learn computer science (CS) and AI. Code Nation’s volunteer teaching corps provides in-person guidance to students, helping under-resourced high schools with computer science courses and work-based learning programs. This partnership brings Kira Learning’s Introduction to CS courses to Chicago and New York City, with personalized guidance from Code Nation’s on-the-ground teaching corps.

The technology industry is a rapidly expanding landscape, with new innovations and approaches being developed every day. Code Nation believes that in order for youth historically excluded from this industry to be fully prepared to fairly compete for jobs in the highest paying and fastest growing sector, they need to be exposed to all different areas of computer science and educated in the latest industry trends and technologies. Through a partnership with Kira Learning, Code Nation will be able to offer programs with opportunities to explore many areas of computer science and technology, beyond coding.

“Incredible developments are occurring within our organization, and this partnership marks another significant milestone for Code Nation. Kira Learning’s expertise and support will enrich our curriculum, ensuring we can provide our students with the most advanced and cutting-edge educational content,” said Dominick Sanders, Code Nation’s Chief Product and Programming Officer. “This collaboration allows us to enhance the unique Code Nation experience that our students have come to know and love.”

California-based organization, Kira Learning provides computer science education for K-12 learners, with tools, curriculum, and resources that prepare both educators and students for success. With the company’s Introduction to CS course and Code Nation’s workforce training and offerings, students can discover personalized learning pathways to prepare them for their future.

“Closing the computer science equity gap isn’t just a goal, it’s a moral imperative,” said Jeremy Bhatia, Director of Product at Kira Learning. “We are excited to help expand Code Nation’s footprint in two major metros – New York and Chicago – by increasing the reach and impact of their teaching corps via Kira Learning’s AI-powered tools and robust CS and AI online curriculum. Together, we can help students build their CS foundations and prepare them for more specialized training and internships, which in turn will open up a world of new opportunities for them.”

Code Nation currently offers its programs in two regions: Chicago and New York, and partners with 30+ schools and over 200 volunteers in these regions. As Code Nation celebrates more than 10 years of service to its communities, the organization is positioned to create measurable change in the lives of young people through partnerships like this one.


Code Nation equips students with the skills, experiences and connections that together create access to careers in technology. With a volunteer teaching corps of nearly 350 professional web and software developers and a network of school and company partners, we provide coding courses and work-based learning programs to students who attend under-resourced high schools. For more information, visit


Kira Learning is building an AI-powered platform that allows anyone to teach and learn computer science. Founded in 2021, the company offers a curriculum designed by notable educators, scientists, and engineers, along with AI-assisted lesson planning, grading, and student assistance. Backed by NEA and the AI Fund investment, Kira Learning is on a mission to establish computer science and AI as foundational pillars of education alongside literacy and numeracy. Find out more on Kira Learning.

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