Code Nation Community,

These past twelve years have been amazing, rewarding, and a privilege. Code Nation was at the forefront of the CS access movement, as one of the first community-based organizations to provide classroom instruction to high school students. Since starting in that first classroom, we’ve grown, expanded our impact, and changed the lives of countless young people who were empowered to pursue and achieve their tech-driven career dreams.

Since our founding in 2012, we have served nearly 10,000 students in more than 100 schools, partnered with 150+ tech companies, and engaged more than 2,000 volunteers. Our mission to equip students in under-resourced high schools with the skills, experiences, and connections necessary to enter careers in tech has touched the lives of so many. 

Thank you for all you have given to the work that has been so close to our hearts. You’ve helped us do something truly special and change the world. We are forever grateful to share this legacy of impact with you.

The Legacy Continues
To ensure that the organization’s legacy continues, Code Nation is partnering with the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and Computer Science for ALL (CSforALL). Both organizations are leaders in the movement of computer science education, committed to promoting inclusive and accessible learning opportunities.

Through this partnership, CSTA and CSforALL will be able to access Code Nation’s robust library of educational material, enabling them to reach a broader audience and allowing Code Nation’s legacy and impact to live on.

“As we close our doors, we know that the work will continue within the CS Ecosystem through the community. That is why our legacy project also involves partnering with two highly trusted organizations in the CS ecosystem, who continually push and promote equitable CS. CSTA & CSforALL were the logical choices at the center of the CS ecosystem.”  said Ron Summers, Code Nation CEO, and Dominick Sanders, Code Nation Chief Program & Product Officer. 

“Code Nation has been an important model within the CS Education ecosystem for over a decade, and I believe their model, findings, and resources will be an important asset to the CS education community in the long term. While each of the organizations in the CSforALL membership bring their own unique strengths, the CodeNation PD and curriculum as a part of CSforALL and CSTA will ensure the work of the organization’s leaders, instructional staff, and thousands of volunteers will continue to impact CS education in the future,” said Leigh Ann DeLyser, Executive Director of CSforALL.

“I am honored to see Code Nation’s legacy of impact carried forward through our work to empower computer science educators in dismantling inequities within their classrooms,” said Jake Baskin, Executive Director of CSTA.

Curriculum & Approach to Skills, Experiences, & Connection Building

Our instructional materials and curriculum have always been open source and can be accessed via GitHub. We hope that by sharing our approach, we can help schools and sister organizations build the right adaptations for the student communities they serve.

On-Ramp Guide for Students & Schools

With the help of organizations in both Chicago and New York, we’ve created an On Ramp Listing & Guide for Students and Schools to identify the right partner or opportunity to support their journey. The organizations listed are champions of Code Nation’s work and support our shared goal of helping you fill the gap in programming at your school or alumni. 

In particular, we hope this can be a valuable resource for our wonderful volunteers so that they can identify organizations that align with your commitment to social good and can potentially serve as the next destination for their volunteerism. 


The legacy continues!

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