Major Grant from Strada Education Network

As a not-for-profit organization, Code Nation is fueled by the philanthropic support of our community members, corporate partners, and private foundations. Today, we are thrilled to officially welcome Strada Education Network as our newest supporter.

Strada has awarded Code Nation a $1.5 million grant over the next three years—the largest institutional grant in our organization’s history!

The grant was awarded to Code Nation as part of Strada’s national competition searching for innovative solutions in education-to-employment services. Code Nation was among seven organizations selected from hundreds of applicants. In total, Strada awarded $8 million in grants.

As the demand for tech jobs increases, Code Nation continues to prepare students for careers in tech through coding education, mentorship opportunities in the field, and hands-on experience at internships.

With Strada’s grant comes increased opportunity for Code Nation. The funds will support our innovative approach to tech education for under-resourced students, helping us enhance our programs and expand our reach beyond NYC and the Bay Area to Chicago.

We are deeply thankful to our supporters who share in our mission. Strada’s commitment to Code Nation will help us make an even greater impact in the lives of our current and future students.

To learn more about Strada Education Network, read the press release here or visit

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