NYC Hackathon 2019

We are counting down the seconds until our Hackathon for New York City students and volunteers on Saturday, March 23rd! Our all-day Hackathons are the biggest and best opportunity for our students to show off the skills they have been practicing for two years with Code Nation and to create a project that has the potential to shake up the world of tech as we know it.

On the day of the Hackathon, 60 volunteers will support 170 New York City high school students (and future tech revolutionaries) through an all-day coding, networking, and problem-solving extravaganza.

These Hackathons only happen once a year and now is your moment to get involved and bring our Hackathon trophy home for your company!

Reach out to us to chat about your company’s opportunity to sponsor a Hackathon team and engage your team in a cause for positive impact in your community (+ receive some special perks and shout outs from Code Nation). Spaces are limited and several companies have already selected teams to sponsor – don’t miss your chance!

Finally, click here to sign up to volunteer or make a donation to unlock the potential of the next generation of technology professionals.

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