What do you hear in our annual report?

The quotes from our 2017-18 annual report leap off the page! Code Nation’s most successful year yet is best described through the voices of our students, alumni, and volunteers. After all, they comprise the community that makes our work worthwhile.

Our students are typical high school students until they sign up for a tuition-free Code Nation class, taught by our volunteer team of professional web and software developers.

Once they start learning to code (page 7), competing in Hackathons (pages 12-13), and getting internships (page 11), they become the next generation of leaders in tech – also known as our alumni, some of whom go on to mentor the next round of Code Nation students, like Patricia on pages 22-23.

From the data to the quotes, our annual report proves that our programs are highly effective – and not just in providing hard coding skills, but by giving students the space and encouragement to express themselves, create something new, and realize what they can achieve.

It goes both ways – the tech industry gets a chance to realize what these students can do, too. Two of our Bay Area students, Costin and DeAngelo, were so impressive at their Salesforce summer internship, that the tech giant asked them to stay on throughout the school year (pages 20-21).

Beyond the quotes of the annual report, you can enjoy the metrics, too. They are rigorously collected, monitored, and maintained. In the 2017-18 school year, 68% of students who completed the first year of our coding program said their Code Nation experience influenced their career decisions. For the students who qualified for and completed their final year, it’s 91%.

The 2017-18 annual report is a chance to hear what our students and alumni have to say and how impressed with them our volunteers are.

Each year, we impact the lives of more and more young people – we served 1,189 students in New York City and the Bay Area last year. This year, we’re reaching even more. Next year, we’re excited to start serving students in Chicago, too.

That’s a lot of voices, and we can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

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